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LAYLA - Charlie Bears Plush Collection 2017

LAYLA - Charlie Bears Plush Collection 2017

Product Information

$76.00 32cm PLUSH 


This pretty little bear really is too cute for words her tiny stature gives her a fragility that Charlie simply adores. Like our minimo collection Layla is soft filled and weighted so feels amazing when held. She is fully jointed for great poseability and has small pale tactile paw pads with additional toe stitch detail. Her soft coat has been created using a multi tonal shaded plush and her cute little nose has been hand embroidered. A sheer ribbon bow has been added to finish her look. Being so tiny she wanted me to let you to know that she does not take up too much space and is more than happy to be displayed on bigger bear’s knees!





Price: $AU76.00

Product Code: LAYY136